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Relatives and Residents Association (R&RA)

Relatives and Residents Association (R&RA) logo

Relatives often need a listening ear to cope with feelings of guilt about their perceived inability to carry on caring. They may want to know how to get help in understanding the complex rules and regulations about paying for care or to complain about the quality of care their loved ones are receiving.

R&RA helps in all these ways, quietly sympathetic, authoritative in its advice and always fiercely supportive of the frail vulnerable people it seeks to help.

We do this through:

* Support & Information via the helpline
* Carrying out project work that focuses on specific issues
* Influencing policy and practice

The Relatives & Residents Association exists for older people needing, or living in, residential care and the families and friends left behind.

1 The Ivories, 6-18 Northampton Street, London , N1 2HY
020 7359 8148 / Helpline: 020 7359 8136
Opening times:
Monday - Friday 9:30am - 4:30pm

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Home Care services offer practical help and support to people at home with essential daily tasks they are unable to manage safely for themselves.